Canada Participate is a storytelling platform with a Canadian vantage point of view. The core objective of this proposal is to feature Businesses, a foundation of traditional/cultural events in our docuseries which will tell your inspiring and impactful story to a larger audience of Nigerians in the diaspora…read more

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  •   DOCUMENTATION: Documentaries are the strongest way of communicating a social message to the audience. It is also a way of changing a narrative that may have been formed by rumors or conspiracy theories. The stories we tell will promote Nigerian culture as they see themselves in relatable stories. It creates empowerment, such that when people see themselves in the story related to them, they can be what they want. it analyzes and forms opinions and this promotes culture
  • FEEDBACK: We know that getting positive feedback will provide you and your employees/volunteers a sense of engagement and a window into the mind of the people of the community in which you are serving. Shows the current level of your performance and what to do next.
  • ONLINE AND PRINT MEDIA: We have a strong online presence and these in a varied advertising platform using print media as its vehicle, this includes online newspaper affiliates magazine, business catalogs, direct mail, and flyers. We have the right platform to air your story coupled with our extensive level of exposure and our strong online presence and experts in diversities at our disposal.
  • RADIO/AUDIO: It is going to be captivating, inspiring, and simple.
  • TESTIMONIALS: In the words of Eric Meyer, a sociologist, an economist that “people live off people’s experience and testimonies”. With the above mentioned we are on the right track because we are going to leave and live with what people talk about.  
  • THE UNIQUESNESS OF CANADA PARTICIPATE: We have standard equipment for our docuseries at our disposal (Drones, cameras, microphones, lighting, editing gadgets, etc.)We have enough resources and good workers (cinematographers, photographers, graphic artist and music/audio effect editors, advertisement experts) who has never failed to give their best. Our access to an online presence is undeniable and we are up to date because we know how to trend. We in partnership with target media advertising which is one of the top 10 advertising agencies in Nigeria.
  • CONCLUSION: Canada Participate will be delighted to work with your business, foundation, traditional/cultural events and the coverage of our plan is aforementioned above. It will serve the strategic purpose of educational, motivational, and inspirational to both the Canadians and Nigerian audiences on diverse aspects of giving back. To accomplish this, we will need your input to create a powerful, inspiring, and impactful story that captures the appropriate quantity and quality of data. I hope that Canadian participate will be given a chance to engage and capture your story.