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4 Days of Spectacular

4 Days of Spectacular

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4 days of Spectacular!

The Best Part of Waking Up is Folger’s in Your Cup! The song, the jingle everyone knows it!

My interpretation is that thing on that day that motivates you to get out of bed is the best part of waking up!


The Canada-Nigeria Business Investment Summit could be that thing for you. The four days event promises to be an event filled with distinguished guest of honor, facts and figures of investment opportunities, varied investors, industries, manufacturers and B2B companies, the list goes on. It would offer you huge networking opportunities and who knows you might even pitch your own ideas to the big who’s who.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa its also safe to say most diverse too with the generation of the baby boomers and educated youth risers, a land rich in oil and mineral deposit.

Canada on the other hand is a country known for land mass and built on diversity with affiliation with Europe and North America

A romance of the two countries is long overdue hence why the organizers, Leadership and Governance have been putting together the Canada-Nigeria Business Investment Summit for a long time every year, bi annually.

The main event would take place at the Marriott hotel, 525 Bay Street, Toronto, the dates are October 11-15, 2022.

On the 15th of October 2022 is the *Gala Award Night* at The Royalton 8202 Weston Road, Woodbridge, ON, featuring brains, entertainment with good food and drinks.

A good indicator that speaks to the anticipation of a Spectacular event was the just concluded sneak peek hosted by the Goodman LLP organized by Canada-Africa Chamber of Business on Thursday evening September 8th 2022, the guest speaker was his Excellency Mr. Adeyinka O. Asekun, as he spoke on Nigeria’s competitive advantages. Nigeria is still by far the best country to invest in period and the numbers shows it.

It was a very well attended sneak peek event

Think about it perhaps coffee is not your best part of waking up, how about business networking? or opportunity gathering? maybe it’s finding the right business partner/investor and investment, just be there to answer the question.

This year’s business summit promises to be an event that is action packed, with a line up of speakers, investors and government dignitaries. Tickets sales are ongoing now, once it’s gone it’s gone

The anticipation is high, the organizers are putting all in to make this the best event of the year with partners like the Nigerian high commission, Mine Africa, Ethiopian Airlines to mention a few…

The event is supposed to end with a loud bang!

Mr. Sam Adewale of the Leadership and Governance, the organizers of the business summit reminded everyone the importance of the 4 days event, and he recognized delegates from several sectors of businesses in Canada.

Recognition was given to other African high commissions in attendance  

The Goodmans LLP were a good host with lots to drink and variety of finger foods

Enquiries for more information and or to get your ticket, head on to 

Here is a list of people who can also help you with any questions you may have 

Kola Esomojumi

Program Director 

Leadership and Governance

647 866-4103

Sam Adewale 


Leadership and Governance

416 894-0047

Adeba Connect- 647 772-1660

Tope Lawal – 647 916-2575

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Your story!

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So, either you are having a conference, business summit or more social events like birthdays or political and or religious gathering, I have a platform just tailored for you 

I can be reached with all my contact details on looking forward to telling your stories

Thank you

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